Friday, May 31, 2013

When the Bow Breaks

Debut  Dagger   2013  Highly Commended
Debut Dagger 2013 Short List 

A Mercedes crashes off a lonely mountain road in the Pyrenees. Young Dominic is the sole survivor. From the wreckage, every scrap of luggage is stolen, including a rare Stradivarius cello.

After being released from hospital, Dominic is sent to live with his uncle in Vancouver. Almost immediately, two men try to grab him off the street. RCMP Corporal Lacey McCrae makes a split-second decision to save him instead of tackling them. They flee, leaving behind anger, fear, and the burning question: 

Who wants little Dominic so desperately, and why?

Insurance investigator Michel, on the trail of the cello, learns his old friend, Dominic's father, was carrying evidence against the two kidnappers' boss. He hurries to Canada to protect Dominic as best he can until the two men are captured.

Can the burnt-out Mountie and the foreign insurance agent get past official secrecy to save this little French orphan?

Also Short-listed for the 2011 Unhanged Arthur Award 

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